1 2 2 D O C U M E N T 1 1 9 M A R C H 1 9 2 2
I received the check at the London bank and thank you sincerely for
I will
keep it until I embark on the voyage. I plan to take my wife along.
Regarding the translation of my writings into Japanese, my booklet On the Spe-
cial and the General Theory of Relativity has, according to information given by
my publisher Friedrich Vieweg & Son in Braunschweig, already been translated
into Japanese by Mr.
Regarding the original scientific articles as well as
two talks of general content, I would be very pleased if you wished to undertake to
translate the publications you deem suitable. I would naturally leave to you the
selection of publications for translation. As compensation I tend to receive 15% of
the sales price per copy. If you undertake translations of this kind, I request that you
arrange that the Japanese publisher sign a contract with me on this basis.
In happy anticipation of seeing you next fall and becoming acquainted with your
sunny country wrapped here in a mystical shroud of fairy tales, I am with kind
regards, yours sincerely.
P.S. Please convey my kind regards to Messrs. Yamamoto and Murobuse.
119. To Hans Reichenbach[1]
[27 March 1922]
Dear Mr. Reichenbach,
At the same time, I send your correction proofs back to
I agree almost
entirely with your critical argumentation, particularly in re. Kantians! and find it
exemplarily clear. I just find your opposition to Petzoldt-Cassirer lopsided, without
intending to concede the point to
Nor do I understand a sentence on
Additionally, it would perhaps have been good to discuss Kretschmann
(fundamental vacuousness of the invariance postulate), which also really does
merit philosophical
Your axiomatic endeavors are very laudable as
Cordial regards, yours,
A. Einstein.
120. To Charles Nordmann[1]
[Berlin, before 28 March
[Not selected for translation.]
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