8 4 D O C U M E N T 6 8 M A R C H 1 9 2 2 whether these two lights interfere. The experiment is simple, it’s just that the leaf shouldn’t get too hot.[8] Warm regards to both of you from your Papa. Did you see the son of the pastor from Florence, d[ear] Albert? If not, get to it. Pauli was very sick (pleurisy).[9] It would be nice if both of you wrote my sister a post- card sometime she would be very pleased. Her address is Dr. M. Winteler. Giuseppe Verdi Street, Fiesole near Florence. What’s the situation with the apart- ment? Why do you have to move out? You’d have it incomparably more convenient in Germany.[10] 68. From Edith Einstein[1] Zurich, 27 Ottiker St., 5 March 1922 Dear Albert, In attachment I send you my dissertation [2] there is something very wrong and questionable about this paper, you see, and I turn to you in my distress. It involves the following: After you had looked through the paper in the fall,[3] I introduced the general tensor argument following your directions,[4] and then, after Ratnowsky had also checked the paper again and had found everything to be in the finest order,[5] I sub- mitted it to Prof. Schrödinger.[6] Can you imagine my shock when shortly afterwards Prof. Schrödinger pointed out a few very disturbing weaknesses in the theory that actually place the entire solution to the problem in question! Namely: 1) The coefficients of the ’s derived from gas kinetics do not agree with the coefficients of the tensorially derived pressure component (they even have different signs): Tensorial: Gas-kinetically: . hxx, hyy, hzz hxx 1 2 --σϕx - 2 δ += hxx 22 25ρR3T2 --------------------ϕx - m 2 2 NKT + = hyy 1 2 --σϕx - 2 δ += hyy 4 25ρR3T2 --------------------ϕx - m2 2 NKT + = hzz 1 2 --σϕx - 2 δ += hzz 4 25ρR3T2 --------------------ϕx - m2 2 NKT + =
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