D O C U M E N T 3 5 1 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 2 2 2 8 1 351. To Max Wertheimer 12 September 1922 Dear Mr. Wertheimer, You know that I am on a committee of the League of Nations for the interna- tional organization of intellectual endeavors.[1] Now Becker of the Ministry of Culture[2] recently summoned me to ask me to have someone substitute for me dur- ing my absence in East Asia so that someone from Germany be available. Becker mentioned some names (e.g., Troeltsch!),[3] whom I don’t know well enough, how- ever, nor can rely upon sufficiently. I just know a sole individual upon whom and upon whose free and objective way of thinking I can rely in every way, and you are he.[4] My request is that you be willing to represent me in Geneva at the meetings of this committee (to which Mme. Curie and Bergson also belong).[5] I was explic- itly told there that this substitution is a purely personal affair of mine and that my personal trust alone should be decisive in my choice.[6] Don’t turn me down! Your travel will be paid for you, you will make the acquaintance of exceptional people, and have a chance to do some good. The Min- istry of Culture wants to be informed about the happenings there. But what you wish or wish not to report to them (orally) upon your return from Geneva is left entirely to your own judgment. The committee just had a session[7] and you will be immediately informed about it. Ilse will show you everything to orient yourself. Do write me very soon, as I have to direct an official application to the League of Nations in which I would like to suggest you. With best wishes for the vacation, and regards, yours, A. Einstein. The next session will perhaps take place in late fall. I am elected there not as Ger- many’s representative but simply personally. This is how you should regard the sit- uation yourself. Main agenda: International scientific exchange. Organization of intellectual workers. Counteracting the shortfalls in economically afflicted coun- tries. We have strong prejudices against the League of Nations over here. However, I believe there is much goodwill and future potential in it.
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