D O C U M E N T S 7 9 , 8 0 M A R C H 1 9 2 2 9 7
I am working with all spectra as measurement sensors in
unknown substances—this particular med. eye I am developing very well (plate
sensitization with mineral oil 1/1000 [5000?] spectral[lines?] is very
Do you know about India’s critique of Europe in the book: God’s Conic Sections
[Die Kegelschnitte Gottes] (Lange, München, 1920) by Sir
in which
you also play a role (p. 132)—as ideal European, whom Sir Galahad has not dis-
These secrets will be solved later—after
(from Zurich) Have a nice trip and enjoy
79. To Paul Ehrenfest
[Berlin, between 11 and 13 March
Dear Ehrenfest,
I’m going to be in Paris from 28 March until c. 4
Can I come to Leyden
then or should I go back to Berlin in order to come 2 weeks later?
It is very fine that K[amerlingh] Onnes did that experiment. Yet another glimmer
of hope to understand is
Franck informed me about a very nice point
regarding the behavior of free electrons towards atoms. I’ll tell you about that then.
In other respects I’ll be bringing an empty head along, which, after your consoling
assurance, shouldn’t cause any harm.
Warm regards to you all, yours,
I am probably going to Japan now, after all, with my wife; departure August or
80. From Michele Besso
Bern, 42 Ziegler Street, 12 March 1922
Dear Albert,
A little card by
may have reported to you that I’ve become a
We just returned from seeing the little grandchild (who, for the sake
of convenience, was born in the clinic) and my folks are pointing out resemblances.
I believe I can see something peering into this world in expectation of impressions
and ready to react with determination to them—so that perhaps in 49 years he, too
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