2 2 6 D O C U M E N T 2 9 3 J U L Y 1 9 2 2 My Lisa (sailboat) is still lying, completely drunk, on the shore and is waiting for the untrustworthy shipbuilder, who made fun of us today, on top of it all, to take pity on her.[8] It’s good that the boys don’t encounter her in this disrespectful state. Still full of memories from Kiel, cordial regards to you and your wife, A. Einstein. Dear Mr. Anschütz, The good man just shifts the blame for the changed opinion regarding resettle- ment onto his wife. This is not entirely accurate. He reconsidered the matter in peace here and arrived at this conclusion. My husband has been strongly affected these past few weeks by Rathenau’s murder (he loved him) the affair touched him very deeply and he just had the feeling: get away from here to work in tranquillity. I think he realizes that this thing with tranquillity is an illusion. He cannot duck out of sight better anywhere than here in Berlin in a small town he is on a platter, he does not trouble himself about the people there, but they do about him. The main point of attraction in Kiel would have been you, Mr. Anschütz, and you are leaving! He is pleased about working in the factory, but he does believe that in about half a year the business will operate on its own and that his staying there would then not be absolutely necessary. He will come as often as you call him, and he comes so willingly!Please don’t ever forget this. After the trip to Japan, he wants to give up his official positions over here he should do so. Warm greetings to you and your sweet young wife, yours, Elsa Einstein. 293. To Maurice Solovine [Berlin,] 16 July 1922 Dear Solo! Attached are the contracts.[1] I shall make the minor changes in the booklet, like- wise shall write to Beck.[2] I am glad that you are now managing to go on your trip and will see your mother again, at last.[3] These are unsettled times here since the abhorrent murder of Rathenau. I, too, am constantly being warned, have abandoned my lecture and am officially absent, while being, in truth, here.[4] Anti-Semitism is very strong. The endless chicanery by the Entente will ultimately be blamed, yet again—on the Jews. There are complaints about major dirty tricks in industry the destruction of manufacturing plants under the cloak of military usefulness. Cordial regards and have a very good time, yours, A. Einstein.
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