2 3 8 D O C U M E N T S 3 0 7 , 3 0 8 J U L Y 1 9 2 2 rotor at full frequency it would also suffice if it were given a little more resistance. Maybe this could be done without increasing the energy consumption beyond the permitted level. Many regards to you and your wife,[7] also from my wife and from my boys. Yours, A. Einstein. 307. To Sigmund Einstein[1] Berlin, 25 July 1922 Esteemed Mr. Namesake Outrageous injustice it would be this doggerel answerless to leave![2] Especially to repair the error— not everyone’s called Einstein, either. You probably originate from Buchau, just like my old man,[3] rest his soul. So many friends explained to me my corpus in great danger be, heroes prowling about with a plan[4] to turn the tap off of my life lamp. It may well be. But unfortunately the likes of us, shameless free gypsies, cannot stand lofty protection. Rather pitch my tent in hid location, perhaps even in a foreign country of which, praise be God, there are aplenty. Now, my namesake, thanks for the favor moreover, a paper lifesaver. (sig.) A. Einstein. 308. To Gerhard Kowalewski Berlin, 25 July 1922 Dear Colleague, I was not yet able to read the booklet by your brother but hope to be able to catch up on it soon.[1]
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