2 1 8 D O C U M E N T 2 7 6 J U L Y 1 9 2 2 possible as well as the directorship of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Physics and to settle down somewhere as a private individual. I cannot stay in Berlin in any event because there are indications of attempts on my life by the ultranationalists.[4] Whether it is really true is, of course, difficult to judge. In any case, I am using this situation to remove myself from clamorous Berlin, to which much trouble is con- nected for me in particular, in order to be able to work in peace again. The material prerequisites for this do exist for me.[5] All this I tell you because I owe it to you. But please do not tell anyone besides Langevin[6] about it otherwise unfavorable consequences would arise. With cordial greetings, yours. 276. To Hermann Anschütz-Kaempfe [Berlin,] 12 July 1922. Dear Mr. Anschütz, That was a fine week full of happy hopes in Kiel in your fairy-tale house.[1] The prospect of a downright normal, natural life in tranquility, connected with the wel- come practical employment opportunity in the factory, enchants me.[2] Add to that the wonderful countryside, sailing—enviable. We unfortunately do have to abstain from purchasing the romantic Villa Esmarch, however. The Kiel citizens would perceive the purchase of such a historically so heavily encumbered building[3] by a Jew as a provocative act and take revenge on me somehow if there’s a will there is always another way. It is my firm conviction that purchasing the villa would lead to serious complications. In such unsettled times people are generally strange. A friend of ours was telling us what a huge fuss a socialist paper in Kiel made about the black-white-red flag on your little boat (“murderer’s flag”).[4] The climate in Kiel seems to make the people a little stormy, too . . . Among the masses one some- times feels as if one is in the midst of a buffalo herd. Individually they are not mean- spirited, but one does have to take care not to get trampled. Do not worry about our residence. In the worse case my wife will stay in Berlin until something suitable can be found. I suddenly changed my vacation plans this year and am going to see my boys in Zurich for a month.[5] But I will make the boys’ mouths water about your heartfelt invitation to come to Kiel. Cordial regards to you and your wife, yours, A. Einstein.
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