D O C U M E N T 4 0 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 2 6 1 left have all died off during the peregrination (through the disulf.-carbon desert).— Entirely individual waves arrive at the right that had been born in the desert. And they emerge at the right with the same inclination as the one in which their blessed parents had entered at the left. Listen, Einstein, to thy little brother, that thou may prosper!!! (Otherwise Ein- stein will turn into Whinestein.) And be persuaded that I would be very pleased if you are right, after all. Send me the manuscript or correction proof very promptly. Regards, yours, P[aul] E[hrenfest]. 40. From Jun Ishiwara[1] Hota, 26 January 1922 Esteemed Professor, On 22 Sep. last year I sent you a letter in which I conveyed the wish of Mr. S. Yamamoto (representative of Kaizosha) to invite you to give some lectures.[2] A short while ago Mr. K. Murobuse returned from his European trip and informed me that he had visited you in Berlin and that you gladly granted him your consent to the invitation.[3] Not only Kaizosha itself, but all of us are heartily pleased about it and are deeply grateful to you. I would now like to have the honor of forwarding to you the confirmation you were seeking for the conference. Thus I enclose the same in duplicate, which Mr. Yamamoto has already signed personally please return one of them after signing it.[4] I would also like to apologize because the discussed conditions have been some- what altered in the meantime to take the actual circumstances into account, not as I had written you last time. Regarding the content of the conference here set forth, I would like to add, besides the enclosed letter from Mr. Yamamoto,[5] the follow- ing remarks: 1. The education minister and the president of the University of Tokyo[6] posi- tively approve of Kaizosha’s plans, as they would like to express them here below. Permission has already been granted for making lecture halls available in the uni- versities at each location of the mentioned lectures. 2. The duration of the lectures may be lengthened or shortened as appropriate.[7] The popular lectures shall be translated into Japanese the other scientific ones, however, do not need to be translated. 3. Any public lectures or speeches (in any other Japanese association) may be held only with the acquiescence of Kaizosha.
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