V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T S 1 1 3 e , 1 1 3 f 1 5
Vol. 8, 113e. From Pauline Einstein
Heilbronn, 7 September 1915
My dear Albert,
I was hugely pleased about your postcard; I received it yesterday & I hope that
you soon give me more news & then have more to tell me.
So now you’re surely staying with your friend
I’m so anxious to
know whether you saw your children & how. Were they just as happy to see you?
Or had their mother already totally poisoned them?
You’re surely spending the time quite nicely; how did you get on with your var-
ious friends? Did you write to Maja right away? & when will you be going to see
I’m also eager to know how the reunion with Uncle Jacob
He was
letting off quite some steam about you, but that’ll have dissipated long ago, I hope.
I still often think about our fine time together; it was just a little
I still
do talk a lot about it with
& Mr. O[ppenheimer] greatly enjoyed having
his dear
he sends his cordial greetings. Guste is leaving tomorrow for a few
weeks; I don’t like that at all; maybe her absence will be shortened by my also
going away for a time; Mr. O. is going on about Baden-Baden, you know; hopefully
something will come of it.
From Aunt
I received a big letter, but there’s nothing noteworthy in it;
a postcard from Elsa arrived after you had departed; I enclose it.
Do write me in detail & my love & kisses from your
Vol. 8, 113f. From Elsa Einstein
[Berlin, 7 September 1915]
My d[ea]r Albert,
Today, a sign of life, at last; but again only in the form of a paltry postcard. And
you could be telling me so much from there. Throughout your 10-day trip, four
scant little postcards: That costs 15 minutes time. You really could have been a little
more generous. Or do you think I’d become too “uppity”? In the meantime you saw
and I’m dying to hear how the children met you. I really don’t under-
stand why you didn’t summon them immediately after you had arrived. Despite
everything! I intend to travel to Heilbronn the day after
I’m hurrying
up now, even though this time is very inconvenient for me to be able to be back here
again at the same time as you. I’m looking forward to that like a child. Do please
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