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404. To Max and Hedwig Born
[Miyajima,] 23 December
Dear Borns,
Resplendent sunshine at Christmas. Cheerful, beautiful country with fine, deli-
cate people. On the 29th it’s back onto the great water, homeward bound via Java,
Palestine, and Spain; it will probably be April by the time we get back.
Until then, warm regards from your
405. To Jun Ishiwara
Moji, [between 23 and 29 December
To my dear colleague Ishiwara as a souvenir, with whom I saw so many fine
things, collaborated, and chatted many pleasant hours away. He is one of those few
in whose company I would like very much to ponder and work; because, for all the
differences in origin and tradition, a mysterious harmony exists between us.
Albert Einstein
Moji 1922.
406. “Preface” to Japanese Collection of Papers
[Einstein 1923f]
Dated 27 December 1922
Published 1 May 1923
In: Einstein 1922–1924, Vol. 2, pp. [i–ii].
On the occasion of my sojourn in Japan, the indefatigable director of Kaizo
prepared a complete collection of my scientific papers to
which are thus made accessible in convenient form to my Japanese colleagues in
the field and to students. It is a pleasant duty of mine to express my deep gratitude
to Mr. Yamamoto for this achievement, no less also to my esteemed friend and col-
[p. i]
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