3 3 2 D O C . 3 8 8 R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S F O R T H E W A R The vanishing of hence signifies a true singularity of the field. That the ’s are not allowed to disappear is also shown in that the logarithmic derivatives occur in the differential equations. Thus it is demonstrated that solution (3) should not be continued up to that point. In actual fact, it presumes the existence of other masses distributed in spherically symmetric extension, as H. Weyl has already shown.[8] 388. “Einstein’s Opinion on the Investigation of Responsibilities for the War” [Einstein 1922n] Published 25 November 1922 IN: Les cahiers des droits de l’homme 22 (1922): 547. An Opinion by Einstein[1] I expect nothing from this delving into the sorry past and all the discussions aimed at the moral cleansing of our two nations. Joint efforts by Germany and France to- ward the reconstruction of the ravaged territories seem to me to be of much more importance. Working together is fertile, it engenders trust. 389. From Hantaro Nagaoka et al. Physics Institute of Tokyo Imperial University, 1 December 1922 [Not selected for translation.] f4 f4 f ′4 f4
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