5 8 D O C U M E N T 3 2 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 2 fault in his investigations lies in uncritical acceptance of the terrestrial electric arc. In America (Mount Wilson) they were able to eliminate the “pole effect,” in the main (“Pfund’s electric arc”). It originates from spots of high metallic vapor den- sity. Precision measurements of the wavelengths are undergoing correction. Affectionate greetings to you and your whole dear company from your Einstein. 32. From Chaim Weizmann Oakwood, 16 Addison Crescent, W. 14, 21 January 1922 My dear Professor, Your lines pleased me very much.[1] I believe it would be best if you would write to Mr. Berliner that he please send you the money. It could then be used for furnish- ing the Institute of Physical Chemistry, be it with books, apparatus, or the workshop.[2] I was in Paris & Geneva.[3] In Paris I spoke with a few professors, such as Had- amard and Widal.[4] There is great interest in the university there. In Geneva I saw the gentlemen of the League of Nations and I now do have the hope that our man- date will get ratified for once, at last, at the next session of the League of Nations.[5] That would be great luck. I am thinking of traveling to Palestine on the 25th of Feb., maybe my path will take me to Germany again. With many cordial greetings from both of us[6] to you and your wife and family, yours truly, Ch. Weizmann 33. From Charlotte Weigert[1] Kopenhagen, Westend 4 II, 22 January 1922 [Not selected for translation.] 34. From Heinrich Zangger [Zurich, after 23 January 1922][1] [Not selected for translation.]
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