3 4 D O C U M E N T 1 4 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 2 out reliably negative [2] tell this to Bohr.[3] One can conclude from it that the emis- sive field has no component with both the properties a) undulatory b) isotropic. I now ask myself whether an interaction of elementary processes cannot after all substitute for this phantom field. I’ll try to decide this experimentally as well. My article on superconductivity cites Haber.[4] He developed a similar interpre- tation a few years ago in an Academy paper, albeit without “snakes.”[5] Warm regards, now, to you and Bohr, Tanya, & von Aardenne[6] from your Einstein. 14. From Arnold Sommerfeld Munich, 11 January 1922 Dear Einstein, The boring circulars by the Math. Ann[alen] this time give me welcome occa- sion to write to you.[1] It really is lamentable that you let yourself be prevented from coming here by the tactless article in the Schaubühne.[2] I finally managed to obtain that noble little paper and am repulsed by its mindset. This kind of internationalism appears to me really disgusting in our present situation, especially since it is dictated by sensationalism and irreverence.[3] As regards what the writer of the article says about you, he certainly is spreading tall tales. What he says about the committee meetings was new to me, of course, as the students otherwise tend to treat their consultations with discretion.[4] The rector,[5] to whom I showed the paper, naturally agreed with me that this affair should be passed over in silent disdain. You should compare our poor students of 1922 some day to the bloodcurdling impression you paint of them.[6] It is true, they did get a bit excited in 1919 and at the beginning of 1920 [7] but now they are meek as lambs, as long as a new Entente dictate doesn’t kick them off again. You said that very well in an Italian interview that I read in the Auslandspost and should raise your voice very loudly abroad.[8] Regarding the infamous Figaro interview, I would like to send that out to the Auslandspost as well, with the remark: “lies from start to finish.” But you are hardly going to grant me permission to do so. It is disgraceful that even your wife is implicated in this interview.[9] Please don’t hold it against me that in this case I
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