3 5 0 D O C S . 4 1 4 , 4 1 6 D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 2 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 3 emphasis on the truly international assets of humanity, among which science per- haps takes first place. Thus I understand the invitation you sent me.[2] Not only do you love society as a whole but you are also full of benevolence toward the individual. This I experienced of you with joy and gratitude and shall never forget what fine things I learned from you and through you. Yours, Albert Einstein. 414. To Yoshi Yamamoto [On board SS Haruna Maru, 30] December 1922[1] You, Esteemed Mrs. Yamamoto, will always symbolize for me the ideal model of Japanese femininity. Quiet, cheerful, and flowerlike, you are the soul of your home, which looks like a jewelry case, within which, like jewels, lie your darling little children.[2] In you I see the proper soul of your people and the embodiment of its ancient culture, directed primarily toward daintiness and beauty. Yours, Albert Einstein. 415. To Charlotte Weigert [Shanghai, between 31 December 1922 and 2 January 1923] [Not selected for translation.] 416. From Rafaele Contu Rovigno (Istria), [8 January 1923][1] Esteemed Prof. Albert Einstein, Kindly forgive my long silence. In the meantime, I completed an important work on relativity theory and compiled the reference material for the theory itself in a work that appeared on the 1st of this mo.—Our Hoepli will have one copy of it for- warded to you.[2] Would you—please—notify me about whether you received the contract for the Prospettive Relativistiche from the “Audace” publishers.[3] At the end of March one issue is appearing about your first paper and the “Dialogue about . . . . . ,” under
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