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by a prefatory article or an explanatory appendix. Before proceeding, however, we
wish to have your approval, and I should appreciate it greatly if you would write
me whether you have any objection to this or not. We feel that it might help the sale
of the book.
Yours very truly,
Paul G. Tomlinson,
Translator’s note: Original written in English.
145. To Georg Maschke
15 April 1922
Dear Mr. Maschke,
Don’t you
as I in actual fact had no business with the factory for the
longest time, the whole affair completely slipped my mind. I cannot imagine what
an employee of the factory could possibly have done against me and regret very
much if he was hurt so keenly by this affair. If he has not perpetrated anything else,
I would like to put in a good word for him on this occasion.
In the hope of soon meeting you again sometime, I am, with kind regards to you
and your family, yours.
146. To Paul Oppenheim
Berlin, 15 April 1922
Dear Mr. Oppenheim!
Returned from Paris I hasten to rid myself of the repulsive manuscript
I herewith propose the following to you: You arrange for the sale of the manuscript;
the Jewish University in
gets one half of the proceeds, the other half
you dispose of in the manner that your conscience prescribes. I do not want any
report about it but just comment that I want to have none of the proceeds for myself
and my family. If after consulting with your
you agree to this proposal,
then please notify me so that I can send you the manuscript. If you do not agree, I
am not going to accept another proposal from you but shall entrust the sale to a reli-
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