6 8 D O C U M E N T S 4 4 , 4 5 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 2 44. From Hermann Anschütz-Kaempfe Munich, 6 Leopold St., 3 February 1922 Dear, esteemed Professor Einstein, You can probably roughly imagine how your letter to Sommerfeld hit, a bomb is just a weak comparison [1] he gave it to me in complete despair, despair about you and about humanity I’m afraid my consolation was also bitter and yet perhaps some medicine my thought was that general human kindness and nationalistic pas- sion had always proved to be opposites and that something could not be right here. Now the Figaro article is surely buried for good. R.I.P.[2] Last week Prof. Herzfeld[3] presented a review of the canal-ray experiment [4] he got his science secondhand the general disappointment was that we will not be able to see and listen to you at all here in Munich. The bloodthirsty article in the Weltbühne is, in my opinion, not worth any attention the students here have long since overcome the postwar psychosis, and in front of you personally, any anti- Semitism definitely stops short, even the most fanatical![5] This year we want to resettle in Kiel in March already work, i.e., the floating sphere is calling. We are experiencing good success with the automatic steering control [6] it is helping make the gyrocompass become accepted. On Feb. 18th we are hosting the Faculty Evening at home, as we do every winter if you happened to be in attendance, it would cause much joy. The revolution has prohibited a pullman car, but I would procure you a sleeping-car compartment in Berlin and here so that you have no trouble or exertion at all. And the organ and the music room would also be attractions, particularly if your violin came along. And then perhaps a little colloquium for the physicists would also spin off of it, if the negative outcome of the light experiment you had initially reported turned out not to be right.[7] That really would be nice. And finally and in the end, doing other people favors really is the best thing in the world. With best regards to you and your wife from us both, yours, Anschütz-Kaempfe. 45. From Paul Ehrenfest [Leyden,] 4 February 1922 Dear Einstein, Many thanks for your postcard regarding nondeflection of the light ray.[1] I think that the group consider[ation], as I presented it in the letter, shows it most clearly.[2] You wrote me the address of Professor Kocherthaler in Madrid so unclearly that I
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