D O C U M E N T S 3 8 1 , 3 8 2 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 2 3 2 7 Dearest Professor,[2] send us the article if ever you can. I hear that you are soon leaving Europe for a longer period.[3] Perhaps you will also come by Palestine and could make a detour from Port Said on the return trip. I am going to Palestine on 3 Nov. From there, to America—again [. . .]. It’s a heavy lot. Warm greetings to you and your d[ear] family, yours truly, Ch. W. Translator’s note: Original written in English with the exception of the postscript. 381. To Hans Albert and Eduard Einstein Marseilles, 7 October [1922] Dear Boys, Sunny like in Bologna.[1] At 2 o’clock boarding the vessel[2] (to Tokyo). Like sardines here in the train. Besso and Chavan send their greetings.[3] Both were extremely happy, also the person (Schenk from the patent office).[4] Here, narrow streets, slender houses, two-wheeled carts, throngs of colored people, lots of little donkeys, too. Warm greetings, yours, Albert. 382. To Marcel Grossmann[1] [Marseille, 7 October 1922][2] Dear Grossmann, Seek him not in the college course, Seek him by a glass of Tokai-er, Seek him not in Hedwig’s Church, Seek him by Mademoiselle Maier– This is Heine.[3] But I sought you in vain at the Poly[technic] and did not have anymore time to look for you at your roost. So, here’s another hearty greeting in case I drown or am wrung out to the point of disintegration from all that yapping.[4] Yours, Albert Congratulations on junior [filius]![5] [. . .][6]
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