3 4 2 D O C U M E N T 3 9 8 O N R E L I G I O N Cordial greetings to you, yours, A. Einstein. My wife was not in Osaka yesterday, because I had asked her to stay in Kyoto. I did this because it was not known to me in time that an official function was supposed to take place in Osaka. My wife was very unhappy about having been the source of a disruption through no fault of her own.[3] 398. “Answer to Questions on Religion” [Einstein 1923c] Dated 14 December 1922 Published February 1923 In: Kaizo 5 (1922): 194–195 and 197. Response to a Question about Religion When Professor Einstein was asked about his opinion on religion, he supplied the answers below to the following questions:[1] 1) Do you think that scientific truth and religious truth rest on different view- points? 2) Do they promote each other that is, can scientific discovery improve reli- gious faith and remove superstition because the religious sense can provide the impetus for scientific discovery? 3) What concept, Professor, do you have of “God”? 4) What, Professor, is your opinion of the “Savior”? 1) It is not easy to attach a clear sense even to the term “scientific truth.” For, the meaning of the word “truth” differs, depending on whether it involves a fact of experience, a mathematical theorem, or a scientific theory. Under “religious truth” I cannot conceive of anything clear at all. 2) Scientific research can reduce superstition by encouraging causal thinking and providing an overview. It is certain that a passionate conviction, related to the [p. 197]
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