D O C U M E N T S 1 0 5 , 1 0 7 M A R C H 1 9 2 2 1 1 3
105. From Paul Langevin
Paris, 10 Vauquelin Street, 22 March 1922
My dear Friend,
I transmit to you the invitation relating to the lunch on 2
On the other
hand, the Société de Chimie Physique wishes to receive you for dinner on Friday,
7 April, after the last of our meetings at the Collège.
Despite our wishes, it has been impossible to prevent an indiscretion from
appearing in the press and your visit has been announced in
commentaries have been unanimously
I would like to know the hour of your arrival so that, if feasible, I can meet you
ahead of your arrival in Paris and spare you all useless conversations as you are get-
ting off the train. In any case, you will at least find me upon your arrival at Gare du
Nord. Contact me by letter if possible or by telegram if you lack the time.
Most affectionately yours,
P. Langevin
106. From Paul Winteler
[Firenze, 22 March 1922]
[Not selected for translation.]
107. To Paul Ehrenfest
[Berlin,] 23 March 1922
Dear Ehrenfest,
My sister is seriously ill in
As she and her husband are additionally
in financial difficulties, please immediately send her a thousand Swiss
Her address is Florence (Firenze) Sanatorium, 5 Montughi Street.— I am presently
reading a major talk by Bohr that makes his entire world of ideas become wonder-
He is a truly ingenious person; what luck that such a man exists at all.
I have total confidence in his train of thoughts. The correspondence principle and
the way in which he applies it has to be
Regarding light emission, it
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