2 2 8 D O C U M E N T 2 9 6 J U L Y 1 9 2 2 achieve that and all the others become .[3] For this I only need to choose (in the notation of my preceding letter)[4] the second solution: *) . You demand singularity for the measurement of time.[5] It seemed to me that sin- gularity in the measurement of space suffices, insofar as only the inertia of the masses vanishes that is why I did not go into solution (*) at all, but I can still mend that. Regarding the inertia of the masses, this point appeared to me important enough to make a statement about it in a preliminary note (paper I).[6] I would definitely like to believe that only the covariant components of the momentum are decisive [7] I did not mention anything about this in my foregoing letter because I believed I was following along entirely in your footsteps. Please forgive me for taking up so much of your time but you will understand how important it is to me for my interpretation to appear acceptable to you. If a very short visit by me is more agreeable to you than reading these somewhat long- winded manuscripts, I would return to the kind invitation you made earlier and come and see you in person. I could arrange to come to Berlin for a few hours on the coming Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, but it goes without saying, only if such a visit and its purpose would not be inconvenient for you. In assuring you of my most sincere admiration, I am yours very truly, George Jaffé. 296. From Gilbert Murray Yatscombe, Boar’s Hill, Oxford. July l7th 1922. Dear Professor Einstein, Many thanks for your letter of the 13th. I quite understand your difficulties.[1] At the same time I would venture to make one observation which possibly may have weight with you. The Committee, as I understand it, is not intended to repre- sent national points of view. It consists of individuals chosen for their own qualifi- cations from various nations. I do not think it at all likely, for example, that the British universities would select me, and I am sure the Indians would not select Bannerjea.[2] Indeed, a committee like ours can only get to work satisfactorily if all the members are a good deal more international in their outlook than the average people of their country, intellectual or otherwise. g00 = gμν 0= C2 1 1 2m a ------- + ---------------- - ,= B ,–= ε 1 1 2m a ------- ++=
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