D O C U M E N T 1 6 8 A P R I L 1 9 2 2 1 5 3 I personally delivered to Mr. Finaly[3] the letter you had instructed me to relay to him. I added my own thanks for the delicate manner in which he had proceeded. My work on mechanics is appearing imminently. I shall send you a copy of the manuscript as soon as it is finished.[4] My children and their mother[5] have not yet returned from their vacation. While I wait, I take my meals with Malfitano,[6] who sends his best regards, just as does Selma.[7] I am completely upset about the bad work that my representatives are doing in Genoa and would nonetheless hope that nothing too serious comes of it.[8] All of this is truly tiresome. In anticipation of better days, we have our interest in our work to console us and also the precious support of friendships that allow us to mutually support each other. Your very affectionately devoted P. Langevin. 168. From Maurice Solovine Paris, 27 April 1922 Dear Einstein, I was extremely pleased to learn from your letter that you arrived safely in Berlin.[1] Your efforts in Paris were, in fact, extraordinary. But if one takes into con- sideration the great result you achieved, you will admit that it was worth the effort to come here. The standing of your theories here is entirely different now from before and regarding personal impressions, people consider themselves very lucky to have made your personal acquaintance. Painlevé told me last week, when I was speaking with him about you, “I do hope that we are now friends, Einstein and I.”[2] Everyone wishes to see you here again.– Now that the papers in Germany also acted decently, you can really be glad to have been an assuaging and beneficial influence, particularly at a time when hatred is working so disastrously and destructively.[3] It is also very nice of you to give me the prospect of our spending wonderful hours together again one day.– I mailed the letter to Rothschild from the post office.[4] His address is: Baron Edmond de Rothschild 41, Faubourg Saint Honoré Paris (8).
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