2 9 6 D O C U M E N T S 3 7 7 , 3 7 9 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 2
377. To Michele Besso
[Zurich, 4 October
Dear Michele,
I’m only coming on Friday, 10
because I had to postpone the depar-
ture by one day, that is, together with
To a happy reunion, yours,
378. Poem to Albert and Luise Karr-Krüsi
[Hof Mayenbühl, on or before 6 October
[Not selected for translation.]
379. Travel Diary Japan, Palestine, Spain
[6 October 1922–12 March 1923]
6th October. Night trip in overfilled train after reunion with Besso and
Lost my wife at border.
7th Oct. Sunrise shortly before arrival in Marseille. Silhouettes of austere flat
houses surrounded by pines. Marseille, narrow alleyways. Well-endowed women.
Vegetative living. We were taken in tow by honest-looking youth, let down in
ghastly inn by the station. Beetles in the morning coffee. Errand to the shipping
office and to the old harbor near the old city quarter. By the
dispatch of the scamp, who drove away offended after a jarring ride to harbor on
luggage cart over dreadfully bumpy pavement of Marseille. There, just verbal bag-
gage check. Friendly welcome by ship officer. Comfortably settled in cabin. Made
acquaintance of young Japanese physician whom a Munich medical doctor had
thrown out with an inflammatory ultimatum to scholars of the Entente
8th Oct. Leisurely morning in the harbor. Joyous greeting by rotund Russian
Jewess, who recognizes my being a Jew. Noon casting off in bright sunshine. Vir-
tually only English and Japanese on the ship. Quiet, fine company. After exiting the
harbor, wonderful view of Marseille and its framing hills. Then by dazzling, craggy
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