2 1 0 D O C U M E N T S 2 6 3 2 6 5 J U L Y 1 9 2 2 I remember with special pleasure the hours of harmony I spent with you, Lan- gevin, and the other nice colleagues in Paris.[5] I am very particularly grateful to Langevin, whose touching solicitude I shall never forget. Weyl wrote similarly enthusiastically about him to me from Zurich.[6] Please convey to him my cordial greetings and accept my amicable regards to you personally from your. 263. To Eric Drummond Berlin, 4 July 1922 Highly esteemed Sir, In consideration of circumstances that became clear to me only since my accep- tance of 30 May of this yr., I see myself unfortunately compelled[1] to decline the nomination to the “Committee on Intellectual Cooperation” retroactively, after all.[2] I would not like to fail to take this opportunity, however, also to express my warmest sympathy with your efforts toward nursing international relations back to health. In great respect, A. Einstein. 264. To Henry S. Hatfield [Berlin,] 4 June [July] 1922[1] Highly esteemed Mr. Hatfield, I am very sorry for not having been able to answer you before now.[2] I am vir- tually convinced that your explanation is mistaken. The equipartition theorem of statistical mechanics demands very generally that the kinetic energy per degree of freedom always have the same value at a given ambient temperature. So there is no possibility for assigning to the surface a temperature different from the body’s inte- rior. Neither can the anomalies collected in quantum theory change anything here. Best regards, yours. 265. From Sigmund Einstein[1] [Baden-Baden,] 4 July 1922 Very esteemed Professor, As fellow namesake and so humbly my best regards I send to you
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