7 6 D O C U M E N T S 5 5 , 5 6 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 2 55. From Wolfgang Hallgarten[1] Heidelberg, 16 February 1922 Esteemed Professor Einstein, In regard to the friendly letter from your secretary,[2] which came into our pos- session only now because of the railroad strike,[3] we permit ourselves to inform you in the enclosed of 16 cases of needy students,[4] for whom Prof. Lederer (polit- ical economist) in Heidelberg, 28 Kepler Street,[5] and we can vouch as deserving of support. We permit ourselves furthermore to forward to you in the near future a program by our newly founded University League [Hochschulbund] (temporary name: Republican Association of Independent Students), which is supposed to span the whole of Germany, is currently already in contact with the Universities of Freiburg, Leipzig, Cologne, Marburg, Münster, Berlin, Tübingen, and Heidelberg, and is supposed to represent the democratic socialist pacifist orientation at these universities. Information about this university league can also be provided to you, aside from gentlemen, Professor Lederer and Priv. Coun. Thoma, Heidelberg, also by Prof. Rosenheim (No. 3 Carmer Street, telephone 8033, Steinplatz, Berlin), who is ready, as needed, to list the gentlemen who are interested in the cause and are willing to provide financial support.[6] In utmost respect, very devotedly, The management of the University League “Republican Association of Independent Students” by p[roxy], Hallgarten. Heidelberg, 182 Haupt St., c/o Karl Frank,[7] 56. From Paul Langevin Paris 5th, 10b Boulevard de Port-Royal, 18 February 1922 My dear friend, At its last meeting, the assembly of professors at the Collège de France decided, at my proposal, to invite you to give this year’s series of Michonis Lectures held by a foreign scholar in Paris each year.[1] We would be very happy if you would accept. Apart from the pleasure that I per- sonally would have at seeing you here again,[2] I must impress upon you the fol- lowing reasons of a general sort. The interest of science wants a reestablishment of relations between German- speaking scholars and us.
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