D O C U M E N T 3 2 0 A U G U S T 1 9 2 2 2 5 5 and time, but misinterpretations occur very frequently. The publication of one book about the principle of relativity by a mechanic from a battleship wharf is remark- able he has mastered the principle quite well and it seems as if the book is addressed to specialists.[3] Against this brighter side there is also a more shady side. One graduate of the university misunderstood the principle and wrote a polemical text that is printed in the proceedings of a scholarly society.[4] The confused state of the younger scientific world is not so easily improved it is useless to go on about it. The members of the Academy are unanimous in extending their welcome and wholehearted hospitality. If you come here in November, the chrysanthemum blossoms will be gone but the fall foliage, especially the maples, will be brightly colored in a manner unique to this island kingdom the contrast of variegated painted fields against the blue sky is delightful in that season hopefully you will have a good opportunity to enjoy the beautiful countryside. In expectation of your arrival and in expression of my utmost respect, I remain your most devoted H. Nagaoka 320. From Max Born Göttingen, 6 August 1922 Dear Einstein, A physicist who now lives in Holland was here recently she told us that Michel- son’s experiment had been repeated in America, that is, with positive outcome.[1] H. A. Lorentz supposedly brought that back with him. Is that right? Michelson’s experiment is among those “practically” [a]-priori things I don’t believe a word of that rumor. If you have time for a postcard, though, all of us here would be very grateful. Franck and Courant told me about you.[2] We had many worries with the appointment matters. Pohl decided to stay at Göttingen.[3] This relieves us of the agonizing choice. But now I am trembling about Franck going to Berlin. I do heart- ily wish he gets the call but he would be foolish to accept it. Courant says that you think so too. Scientifically speaking, I don’t have anything substantial to report. I am laboring with my assistant Hückel[4] over the quantization of polyatomic molecules to cal- culate infrared bands (e.g., H2O). We have the right approximation method but the computation is very complicated. My encyclopedia article will probably be fin- ished this month I’m fed up to the teeth with it.[5] I have been mulling over all sorts
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