1 6 V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T 1 1 3 g , 1 1 6 a send me a daily note I beg you. Countless questions I have to ask you. Yet a post- card like this is something “official,” and a letter, under the circumstances, likewise. Heartfelt gr. & kiss also from the children.[3] Elsa. Vol. 8, 113g. From Elsa Einstein [Berlin, 7 September 1915] Dear Albert, Still no message today and I’m in such suspense about your report about the children. Until now I’ve had to content myself with those sparsely written post- cards. I imagine that some of my letters got lost because you never made any men- tion of them and yet I’ve been writing quite long letters so frequently already. Tomorrow I’m traveling to Heilbronn and the Hechingen trip weighs down on me like a ton. If only I had that fatal mission behind me, I’d breathe freely again. It’s embarrassing for me there for other reasons as well the family regards me with great distrust.[1] I’ll not write more today, I’m too jittery and you do only want to get cheerful letters. Most affectionately! Elsa. Vol. 8, 116a. From Elsa Einstein [Konstanz, 12 September 1915] Dear Albert, I’m on my way to Constance. My plan is to stay at the Waldhaus Jakob for about 5 days.[1] What a pity that we can’t see each other! 2 hours distance from Zurich! Stuck in Singen right now [2] I’ll have to pass by here again on the way back. Now it’s been two weeks already you didn’t want to stay longer! I’m looking for- ward to this magnificent autumnal stay by Lake Constance. Yours, Elsa.
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