9 6 D O C U M E N T 7 8 M A R C H 1 9 2 2
I would suggest to you: 29 April. If that is too late for you, then 22 or 24 April.
2.° Onnes recently established: Contact area between supercond[ucting] tin and
supercond. lead yields no detectable resistance.
He will write to you about it.
3.° Please forgive me for still not having corresponded with Prof. Kochert[haler]
(Madrid). Permit me to wait with this until you are here because too much is
unclear to me. E.g., I don’t know whether I should send him the preparation as I
have it here or directly in must first convert it chemically into a form that he can
use directly, which would naturally require a recalculation of the molecular

In case you don’t want me to wait for you about this, do tell me whether I should
first convert it chemically or not and whether he should cite it in his book solely
under your name or also with mine added (forgive this immodest question—for I
naturally know very well that the entire merit goes to you).
Best regards to your d[ear] wife and Ilmargotse.
78. From Heinrich Zangger
[after 11 March
Dear friend Einstein,
Are you already in Japan? When you arrive in Tokyo, do have the very interest-
ing physico-chem[ical] experiment by Prof. Hashida shown to you (physiol. insti-
tute). He takes continuous measurem[ents] of potential fluctuations that are
physic[ally] very interesting. He was also here in Zurich for some
You know that Besso is a grandfather; that is surely the best cure against
The enclosure was written long ago. But what use is mailing, when
the mind is in Japan?
This winter I audited Debye’s entire course on the structure of matter—very
good, just too short, but many connections in all directions and brilliant dimen-
lead tin lead
No potential difference detectable.
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