D O C U M E N T S 2 6 1 , 2 6 2 J U L Y 1 9 2 2 2 0 9 261. To Richard B. Haldane [Berlin,] 3 July 1922 Highly esteemed Lord Haldane, I thank you heartily for sending me your new book and want to tell you that I admire most highly your industrious energy and multifaceted range of thought.[1] What a pity that my inadequate knowledge of English does not let me read it with due precision.[2] Yesterday your young nephew, who is just about to travel to Göt- tingen, visited me I had a very good time with that alert young man.[3] Rathenau’s murder is a great misfortune, not just because of the keen gap left behind by this exceptional man.[4] Dangerous domestic conflicts and critical dam- age to the weak trust abroad are the consequence. Where will this treacherous men- tal derangement lead us? Cordial regards to you and your esteemed sister,[5] yours, A. Einstein. Eddington’s extension of Weyl’s theory really is based on a profound idea.[6] Yet I have tried in vain to extend its chain of reasoning so that it acquires the character of a closed theory. 262. To Marie Curie-Sk odowska Berlin, 4 July 1922 Dear Mme. Curie, You recently asked me about the committee of the League of Nations and I then informed you that I had accepted the nomination and asked you please to accept likewise.[1] My conception regarding the importance of such an endeavor is not the same as it was at that time. Unfortunately I now feel compelled to resign from the committee again and naturally feel obliged to inform you of this immediately.[2] I have the need to tell you about my reasons but ask you please to see that this does not become known to unauthorized persons. Not only on the occasion of Rathenau’s[3] tragic death, but also on other occasions I perceived that very strong anti-Semitism prevails among those I to some extent have to represent at the League of Nations and generally there is a mentality of a kind that makes me unsuited to be the representing and intermediary person.[4] I think you will surely understand this.
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