D O C U M E N T S 2 7 7 , 2 7 8 J U L Y 1 9 2 2 2 1 9 277. To Debendra Nath Bannerjea [Berlin,] 12 July 1922 Dear Sir, Unfortunately I cordially thank you for your kind letter.[1] Unfortunately I can- not receive you here in B[erli]n sometime in the coming weeks because I will be staying in Zurich during my children’s school break (from about July 17th on). If you happen to be near that city and have some time available, I propose you send me a note to the address 3 Büchner St., Zurich. I unfortunately have to inform you that for reasons of domestic policy I saw myself induced to resign from the Inter- national Committee of Intellectual Cooperation, even though the goal pursued by it is close to my heart.[2] I became convinced that local intellectuals would not actu- ally perceive me as their representative so it would be thoroughly in the interest of the cause if a personality from Germany more suitable in that role were elected to the c[ommittee]. With utmost respect, sincerely yours. 278. To Max von Laue Berlin, 12 July 1922 Dear Laue, I’m very grateful to you for having so readily taken on the talk in Leipzig, and therefore, I leave it definitively and confidently in your hands.[1] Now I have another request the fulfillment of which I hope will be amenable to you. I’m leav- ing in October, you know, for God knows how long and it is necessary that someone else in the meantime substitute for me as director of the K. -W. -Institute. My wish, now, is that you kindly take on this substitution from October 1st on for an indefi- nite period. Of course I would transfer to you the earnings connected with this post. As I am, as it were, officially already away from Berlin, I’m not coming to the meeting tomorrow[2] and ask you, in the event of your approval, to inform the board of directors about the above-mentioned as a petition of mine. I also ask you please to declare that I approve of the grant of 40,000 marks to Messrs. Kallmann and Knipping for the purchase of the Hoffmann electrometer.[3] With best wishes for your vacation, yours, A. Einstein.
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