D O C U M E N T 3 3 1 A U G U S T 1 9 2 2 2 6 5 331. To Maximilian Pfister Berlin, 28 August 1922 Esteemed Doctor, It is possible that I shall be able to deliver a few lectures in China.[1] Up to now I have been invited by the University of Peking.[2] With major internal difficulties prevailing in China,[3] however, I do not know yet whether I can really accept this invitation. I have only two to three weeks time for a possible stay in China, so (besides perhaps Peking) only locations lying along the coast could come into con- sideration. At the moment, though, I still cannot decide, because the matter with the University of Peking has not yet been settled. I would just like to make the fol- lowing comments: 1) I cannot lecture in the English language, but I know an intelligent colleague (Mr. Rusch) who has been teaching theoretical physics for many long years in Tian- jin and could serve very well as an interpreter.[4] 2) Only lectures for an audience of some scientific background come into con- sideration (medical doctors, engineers, teachers, etc.), because I know from expe- rience that entirely lay listeners cannot understand anything. If you would like to return to your plan, please send proposals to me in Tokyo (university), if possible in consultation with Peking, that are sufficiently detailed for me to be able to decide on that basis and draw up my agenda. Please give Mr. Robertson my thanks for his letter and inform him about the content of my letter.[5] I thank you now most sincerely for your kind invitation. Very respectfully, A. Einstein 332. From Paul Dienes[1] Kremsmünster (Austria), 28 August 1922 [Not selected for translation.]
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