7 8 D O C U M E N T S 5 8 6 0 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 2
to the findings up to
There’s a nice paper by Gans on magnetism in rapidly
oscillating weak fields in the Annalen (confirmation of results by
Warm regards, yours,
58. To Oswald Veblen[1]
Berlin, 20 February 1922
Dear Professor Veblen,
I was very pleased to receive a sign of life from
If Mr. Tracy Y. Thomas
comes to Berlin, I shall be pleased to work with him. However, it will not be easy
to find a sufficiently interesting research topic for him. In any event, I will do what
I can.
Along with this letter I am sending you the manuscript of the four Princeton lec-
tures on
I did, of course, arrange that they appear in Europe later than
I am sending the manuscript to you instead of to Prof.
because I am not quite certain whether he is in Princeton at the moment. Please give
this manuscript to him with kind regards.
With best wishes to you and your wife, I am yours.
59. To Franz Selety[1]
Berlin, 22 February 1922
Dear Colleague,
I grant you permission to publish the material you
I read your lat-
est version and largely agree with the content. I ask you please to emphasize in your
appendix that my remarks should be seen only as passing statements reflecting first
impressions, not a carefully weighed argument pertaining to the
In utmost respect.
60. To Juliusz Wolfsohn[1]
Berlin, 22 February 1922
Highly esteemed Mr. Wolfsohn,
A short time ago nobody would have thought possible what we are experiencing
today with the Jewish nation. While hitherto, intellectually prominent Jews con-
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