1 4 V O L U M E 8 , D O C U M E N T 1 1 3 d pleased about that. At the end of next week, perhaps Thursday, I want to go to Heil- bronn, from there to Hechingen.[4] I’d like to meet you along the way in order to accompany you then on your return trip via Frankfurt. But these are preliminary plans whether they will be realized is a second question. Yesterday I went into your apartment [5] I conscientiously looked through your mail. Some things could be among them that needed to be immediately dealt with. Weinstein wrote you that he’d like to speak with you. You may set a time.[6] Miss Sidy Fischer, chem. stud., argues in a finely composed letter that she would like to become your secretary she requested an answer. You had supposedly already written to her three years ago from Zurich. I answered both very shortly and correctly: Prof. E. is traveling in Switzerland for the time being. That way these people don’t have to wait in vain. You have me as secretary I am entirely at your disposal in this regard!– I imagine you’ll be staying in Zurich you do want to use the time available to you to see the children daily? You’ll get much more out of that than if you went hiking. Follow my advice. Greet Mr. Zangger for me. Don’t forget to buy a gift for the child.–[7] A warm hug from me! In response to your “best regards”! Elsa. Vol. 8, 113d. From Elsa Einstein [Berlin, 5 September 1915] Dear Albert, Sunday today, without any news from you. It’s been a week, and just three slim cards the whole time.[1] So, could you keep your promise? You did want to please me so much with your letters.– Meanwhile you saw the children.[2] How did they welcome you? I’m always thinking about that, for days. And otherwise? There are so many things I’d like to ask you do pull yourself together and write a proper letter.– At home everything’s taking its usual course. Last night I was visiting the F’s in Grunewald they’re really true friends of mine. The children are dear. Healthwise I’m “on top of it” again. No more news from the “[New Fatherland] League” any- more, what a pity![3] I’m counting the days until you’re back home again. I’m hop- ing to be able to depart on Thursday.[4] Affec. gr. and a kiss, Elsa In case I do travel, I’ll go first to Heilbronn.
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