2 6 8 D O C S . 3 3 8 , 3 3 9 A U G U S T S E P T E M B E R 1 9 2 2 layman I am incapable of assessing your scientific proficiency. Expressing my pleasure at thus having come into contact with you again, I am In any event, though, I want to inform the people in charge about your willing- ness one cannot know how quickly things will develop in Palestine.[3] With kind regards. 338. To Paul Dienes[1] [Berlin, 31 August or later, 1922][2] Dear Sir, Your attack on the mathematical theories by Weyl and Eddington only touches the formulation, not however the content.[3] Weyl had treated the second-order quantities loosely negligently but in a manner that is easily demonstrated to be innocuous. I am sending you a small book in which you will find on pages 48–49 a proof Levi-Civita’s and Weyl’s train of thought sketched a little more precisely,[4] against which there ought to be no objection, in which he avoids these inaccuracies so such objections do not arise anymore. In utm. resp. A. E. I enclose for you two printed sheets.[5] 339. “On Anisotropic Pressure Forces in Gases with Heat Flow” September 1922 On Anisotropic Pressure Forces in Gases with Heat Flow.[1] Maxwell already discovered that in gases with heat flow anisotropic pressure forces occur that depend linearly on the second derivatives of the temperature against the coordinates, i.e., on the first derivatives of the heat flow against the coordinates .[2] For reasons of symmetry one is also inclined to presume the existence of tensorial pressure forces in gases that depend quadratically on the [p. 1] ∂fμ ∂xν ------- -
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