2 6 4 D O C U M E N T 3 3 0 A U G U S T 1 9 2 2 330. From Maja Winteler-Einstein Florence, Colonnata Quinto, 5 Strozzi Street, 25 August 1922 My dear Albert, I can imagine what a glorious life you led with your boys in solitude.[1] Tete’s greeting pleased me very much. I would so much like to get to know him as well. I only saw him once when he was 4 years old. Is it really not doable to have the boys come and see us once as well? So, Albert is already going to college. He’ll probably be going to Munich in October. What’s he studying, anyway? I’d think engineering?[2] I just hope that the business with your being in danger isn’t really all that serious.[3] Even so, I’m not at ease as long as you’re in Berlin. The mood is very excited here as well but the battle is just being played out quite openly between fas- cists and communists, so other mortals are protected from revolver shootings and fist fights. We are only roughly aware of what’s going on from the papers. I am very sorry that Elsa had to go through so much. Hopefully she’s completely healed now.[4] I envy her from the bottom of my heart for the fine journey. The long voyage by sea will be good for her health. Do come and see us on your return trip. That way you’d be able to get the best idea of what our life is like. We never had it so nice and enjoy our luck each day anew. Pauli[5] is trying to gain a foothold in the Swiss colony, in order to be able gradually to find work as a lawyer. This fall he will be giving a talk there, which he is diligently working on. I take care of the household, cook, mend, and do whatever else when the occasion arises. I would now like to beg you please to instruct us very exactly before your depar- ture about what we should do with the things that will be coming here in late fall.[6] Where should they go? And should the thing that you are getting directly from us be brought to the same place?[7] I would also be very grateful if you could provide us with Uncle Jakob’s address so that we can also immediately send his blessing directly to him.[8] So, please, answer all these questions before your departure. Do let us also hear from you during your trip. You can’t imagine how interested I am in the impres- sions you’ll be having. We send all of you our heartfelt greetings. I give you another sisterly kiss, Maja.
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