D O C U M E N T 4 2 7 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 3 3 7 1 resp.). In this case, to first approximation, it is—whereby the time coordinate is chosen in the conventional way to be imaginary— . This result, in combination with (26) and (27), therefore shows that to first approx- imation Maxwell’s equations for empty space hold (for weak enough fields). Whether our theory also covers the elementary electric charge can only be decided by a rigorous calculation of the centrally symmetric static field.[15] In any event, equation (25) shows that finite values for current density are only possible if at the same time the ’s diminish to order of magnitude thus singularity-free electrons would be conceivable. The remarkable thing is that according to this the- ory, positive and negative electricity clearly can differ more than merely in sign.[16] The above analysis demonstrates that Eddington’s general idea, combined with Hamilton’s principle, leads to a theory virtually free of arbitrariness that does jus- tice to our current knowledge about gravitation and electricity and unifies the two types of field in a truly perfect way. Haruna Maru, January 1923.[17] 426. To Nippon Puroretaria Domei[1] [On board SS Haruna Maru, 22 January 1923][2] [See documentary edition for the original English.] 427. From Chaim Weizmann Zionist Organisation, [London] W. C. 1, 77 Ct. Russell St., 4 February 1923 Hearty welcome to the land of Israel [EretzIsrael ][1] whose regeneration you will largely contribute [to]. Feel sure that happy impressions you will receive will link you still closer to our hopes. Your visit will be great inspiration to settlement [Yi[s]huv].[2] Would be glad of telegraphic communication, your plans near future. Leaving twentyfourth America Weizmann Translator’s note: Original telegram written in English. f kl φkl = [p. 38] il il 1 λ2 -----
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