3 8 2 D O C U M E N T 4 5 3 M A R C H 1 9 2 3 still unconsciously continuing to wait for your transit through Switzerland. Lately there was a report in the daily paper according to which, during your absence recently, an Academy colleague presented a paper of yours that was sup- posedly particularly important.[11] I’ve heard nothing about the findings by the eclipse expedition that was meant to detect something.[12] I’ll enjoy hearing a report from you.—That is by no means to say that you have to address the subject of the first part of this message in any way. This much I do know about you, just as about myself: We just do it as best we can and know. Yours, Michele. We, Mr. Chavan and I, duly received your beautiful cards from Japan. Chavan also wanted to congratulate you on the Nobel but didn’t know where to write.[13] I . . . didn’t know what to say. To many people, the worries about the money wouldn’t be troubling—to you, it will surely have brought not merely advantages.[14] It’s enough to drive one nuts [“Embetieren,”] how unreasonable people are. One should and wants to do so much, but it doesn’t suffice anyway to get anywhere [niene hi].[15] A few days after your trip through Bern, my mother died. Then two of my close cousins in Milan.[16] A short while ago, Vero’s father-in-law (a man of my age group—simple as that!).[17] Strange how life is! M. By the way, I too in the meantime had been sick for two weeks a sort of influ- enza with fever. Already long gone. Not the chronic laziness [Infaulentia].[18] 453. To [Ilse Einstein][1] [Berlin, before 24 March 1923][2] 1) Muraour[3] should return books. Please write. 2) Tax [authorities] want itemization of capital assets as of the end of 1922. 3) Ministry alleges that I acquired Prussian citizenship upon entering employ- ment in 1914.[4] Please ask Moszkowski[5] whether this is binding, considering that I was not treated as a Prussian during the war. Furthermore, what other kinds of consequences this would have. Whether my boys are therefore also Prussians. 4) What steps are necessary about compensation for damage to apartment (Moszk.)
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