D O C U M E N T 2 7 1 J U L Y 1 9 2 2 2 1 5 ular value on the cosmological consequences, as your cylinder world is much more satisfying in this respect on the contrary, it appears—to me, at least—interesting that with (3) and (4) one has the field of a mass that is the unique mass in the world without filling it up completely. Now I would like to ask you earnestly to tell me briefly whether you could say you agree with my considerations or whether objections could be raised against them that have perhaps escaped me. If the latter is not the case, I allow myself to pose another question: whether you find the subject suitable for a brief announce- ment at the Scientists’ Convention.[4] Otherwise I could also report about a “theory of the anisotropic radiation field” that I finished just recently.[5] Requesting you please forgive this inconvenience and in most sincere admira- tion, I am very truly yours, George Jaffé 271. From Max von Laue Zehlendorf, 8 July 1922 Dear Einstein, Planck sent me your letter from Kiel of the 6th of this mo.[1] and asks me to deliver the talk “relativity theory in physics” in your stead at Leipzig.[2] I can’t shirk it, of course, and agree but only with the idea that at a moment’s notice you can always say: I’ll do it after all. I’m still hoping that in our fast-moving times the entire situation will have changed enough in the months until the Scientists’ Convention for your misgivings to evaporate. I had otherwise already interpreted your avoidance of the colloquium and the proseminar[3] in the tenor of your letter, to be precise, from indications Westphal had made to me probably on the basis of official material.[4] I don’t need to assure you that I regard the necessity of allowing such caution to govern as an exceedingly depressing sign of the political unruliness we are now seeing in so many quarters. With warm greetings from household to household, yours, M. Laue. Please write me at your convenience about how you were thinking of arranging your talk. I might be able to use it.[5]
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