D O C U M E N T 1 5 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 2 3 5 asked Anschütz to confirm your good national comportment [10] a stain on my impression of you would otherwise have remained! Three other neutral colleagues besides you to whom I had sent my Lusitania article[11] received it with deathly silence. The world simply does not want to be awakened from its dogmatic slumbers regarding the German guilt rather, Lloyd George still wants to make all sorts of capital out of it.[12] It really is time that we talked together again so that the Entente’s insane thieving policy does not end up separating the two of us. But let us turn to something posi- tive: So, you made another grand discovery, buried the wave theory, as Anschütz tells me.[13] I am glad if you can get a spy hole into some tip of it. The way things have been with the dualism in viewpoints cannot go on. If you say your experiment is decisive, I will gladly believe it, although I do not understand it yet, despite Gei- ger’s explanations in Jena.[14] I meanwhile clarified for myself some wonderful numerical laws for line com- binations in connection with Paschen’s measurements and presented them in the 3rd ed. of my book.[15] A student of mine (Heisenberg, 3rd semester!)[16] even interpreted these laws and those of the anomalous Zeeman effects using models (Z[eitschrift] für Ph[ysik], in press).[17] Everything works, yet its deepest founda- tions remain unclear. I can only promote the technique of quanta, you have to do your philosophy. Deep inside, I also no longer believe in the spherical wave. (The anomalous Zeeman effects also have a share in rejecting undulatory theory, by the way.) Do tackle it properly! Yours truly, A. Sommerfeld. 15. From Felix Ehrenhaft Vienna IX, 5 Boltzmann Street, 12 January 1922 Dear Mr. Einstein, Actually, I am a little cross with you because you haven’t written me for so long. What did you say about the splendid etching by Schmutzer?[1] When will you con- sider keeping your word and coming to Vienna completely incognito for a fortnight as our guest? You did promise to do so the room is ready for you anytime. Today I would like to ask you for something I am addressing this letter to your wife so that I am certain that my request will be dealt with directly as well. Please
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