D O C U M E N T S 1 7 9 , 1 8 1 M A Y 1 9 2 2 1 6 1 179. To Hans Albert Einstein Leyden, 5 May 1922 Dear Albert, First of all, contrary to my habit, I wish you a happy birthday in advance, because I happen to be thinking of it.[1] I’m already very excited about the vacation. As regards the help, I’ll try to get Anna to come.[2] If she can’t, we might have to try to take care of ourselves with the help of the inn. The boat still has to be var- nished and then we’re ready to go.[3] We’ll have fun ferrying about. Reassure Mama about your studying you’ll manage the final exams, all right and it doesn’t have to be brilliant, either.[4] Write me as precisely as possible and soon when both of you can come so that I can make the arrangements. Send the Anschütz photo- graphs that arrived about 4 weeks ago to: Kuno Kocherthaler (private), Lealtad Street, Madrid, same as before.[5] It’s a pity that we couldn’t meet during the Easter holidays. But the visit to Paris and Leyden was absolutely necessary. We can play music very well at Katzenstein’s, whose house is not a far ride away at all, just ¾ of an hour.[6] But maybe we’ll find a piano out there, too. I hope Tete is well, despite your having put him up in Rheinfelden.[7] Write me about that. Kisses to both of you from your Papa. Kind regards to Mama, who is, I hope, back again.[8] Anschütz invites both of you this fall to his vacation home, which he is setting up by Lake Constance for Munich University-ites.[9] There are technical problems to solve there too. 180. From Edgar Zilsel[1] Vienna, 18 Währingerstr. 71, 5 May 1922 [Not selected for translation.] 181. Two Aphorisms [Leyden, 8 May 1922][1] “Nature with its sublime regularity seems to the scientist a conscious being of supe- rior reason.”
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