D O C U M E N T 2 5 1 J U N E 1 9 2 2 2 0 3 At the moment we have some nice guests here from Austria but at the beginning of July we shall be alone again so it would be nice if you could visit us with your wife. After that, all the grandeur here will come to an end: in August the moving van is coming with its mouth agape to devour everything in order to spit it out again in Lautrach [7] I wonder whether the whale in the Bible wasn’t really a moving van? For the present I and my wife are quietly looking forward to July 6th. Does it suit you and your wife? Cordial regards between households, yours, Anschütz-Kaempfe. 251. From Paul Epstein [Pasadena,] 26 June 1922 Highly esteemed Professor, A few weeks ago your friendly letter, addressed to Millikan, Tolman, and me, arrived[1] and it was a great pleasure for me to receive this letter news from you along that route. Tolman is employed at our school however, he is taking up his professorship only in the coming fall[2] and is currently staying in Washington. As for me, I have influence on staffing issues only insofar as Millikan asks me for advice. Thus I could not do otherwise than forward your valued letter with my positive support to Millikan, who is currently sojourning in Belgium and France as an exchange professor. I have meanwhile read that eleven members of the League of Nations Committee on Intellectual Cooperation have been elected.[3] I do not know, now, whether the principle was established only to elect scholars from nations that had joined the League of Nations. But I would regret it if that were the case. It is, of course, very fortunate that by your person the German academic machine has been incorporated into the world organization for the whole matter would not have much purpose without Germany. But the absence of America does also seem to me to be very regrettable. America has the money and it is made generously available here for scientific purposes. The application of such large funds is not always entirely effec- tive and I believe that it would be very useful if America became imbued with Euro- pean ideas about the development of science here. There is no doubt that Europe could also gain very much from this collaboration. That is why I would very much welcome it if you would cede the still vacant twelfth position to an American, and specifically, as influential an individual as possible. Since Hale’s health is extremely shaky,[4] I do not think that you could find a better man than Millikan, as
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