D O C U M E N T S 7 4 , 7 5 M A R C H 1 9 2 2 8 9 Important questions concerning the mathematical logic seem to be raised [over] here as well. I hope you [and] your gracious wife are very well. In gratitude and most devotedly yours, Haldane. 74. To the French League of Human Rights [Berlin, 10 March 1922][1] Your invitation to the New Fatherland League, in which you kindly mentioned me personally, produced the greatest pleasure in our circle. I would have joined the League’s delegation if scientific research that is impos- sible to postpone had not prevented it.[2] It would have been a pressing need for me, on the occasion of the first interview on French territory between democrats from the two countries, to proclaim that intellectual collaboration between the two peoples is in the interest of humanity as a whole and that our primary duty is to dispel the psychological obstacles to recon- ciliation. I hope that in this regard the meeting in Paris will be of great importance. Einstein. 75. From Lipmann Halpern[1] Berlin, 10 March 1922 Highly esteemed Professor, Your research into the infinite spaces, which sets you as one link in the golden chain of Jewish wise men, did not deflect your gaze from Earth. Your love for the Jewish nation, your self-sacrificing engagement for a Palestinian academy,[2] your constantly demonstrated [good]will towards Jewish students, give me the courage and confidence to lay before you a deeply cherished wish of mine. I am the son of the rabbi from Bialystok [3] my family had emigrated from Ger- many in the 17th century and my forefathers had always achieved much in the area of Torah studies thus they are famed as wise, scholarly men throughout the East. I myself studied ancient Jewish [liter]ature until 18 years of age and believe I acquired some good knowledge in that way. My acquaintance with the work of
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