6 2 D O C U M E N T 4 1 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 2 4. If your gracious wife would like to come along to Japan, Mr. Yamamoto would be very pleased to carry her total accommodation costs at least for one month. 5. In the unexpected event that you could come here only with difficulty and the return of the prepaid honorarium is to be determined, Mr. Yamamoto does not demand that the entire amount be paid back in cash. Instead, he would be happy if you would only kindly send short popular texts to him for inclusion in the journal Kaizo edited by him. In great respect, heartily wishing you excellent health, I remain yours most sin- cerely, Prof. Jun. Ishiwara. 41. To Arnold Sommerfeld 28 January 1922 Dear Sommerfeld, First, I have to inform you that the experiment on which I had placed such great hopes proves nothing, in that upon rigorous consideration the undulatory theory leads to exactly the same consequences as quantum theory (no deflection).[1] Again somewhat the wiser, and one hope the poorer! Now, the Figaro article.[2] I read everything you had marked. There is no doubt that I sat at the same table as that man at a mutual acquaintance’s Ehrenfest, who was just here, was also there.[3] I recognize the conversation in the article. It is what I said, only cast in a French Bengali light. Why I emigrated, why the Munich school agreed so very little with me, are factually correctly rendered, just the tone of my words was different.[4] That in 1914 I made it a condition that I would remain a Swiss citizen is correct,[5] that I acknowledged great admiration for Poincaré, like- wise, although I did not describe him as the most important mind of our day.[6] My saying that a large proportion of the opponents of my theory are guided by political and anti-Semitic tendencies is correct,[7] likewise the remark about the Manifesto of the 93, and the protest against the same.[8] That I make nothing of all this fuss he also legitimately noted on the basis of a comment made by me in jest.[9] Even the remark about my view re. the future pol. development of Germany, which inci- dentally can only have a curative effect, applies.[10] Therefore: The man has no right to reproduce statements made by me. He has furthermore attached a false nuance to some things—whether or not by intent I do
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