1 9 8 D O C U M E N T 2 4 2 J U N E 1 9 2 2 refused the election into that organization for intellectual cooperation, there would have been new tensions again because perhaps no one else from Germany could have encountered such trust at this moment.[1] I will resign the office again as soon as it can be decently passed on to somebody else. Also, I only went to Paris after hefty inner reservations, [in order to] serve true peace, which really did succeed. But I can’t tell you how much I am yearning for solitude and that is why I am going to Japan ([from] October), because that means 12 weeks of peace on the open sea. I am taking my wife along. My boys are coming here in two weeks’ time. I have a cottage by the Havel [river] with a sailboat and we three plan to [camp] there like Indians.[2] I’m very excited about it. Scientifically speaking, there isn’t anything in particular going on. The gravita- tional field is still standing side-by-side with the electromagnetic one. What Weyl and Eddington did in this regard is certainly nice but not true.[3] Truth cannot be found by pure speculation God Almighty goes His own ways. Why you think that we are on the track of the secretive quanta is beyond me.[4] To my mind at least, no more light has been cast on that, no matter how many individual findings it has been possible to interconnect within this field. Cordial regards, yours, A. Einstein. 242. From Eduard Einstein 18 June [1922] Dear Papa, We haven’t written you for such a terribly long time now. But Mama was away so long and so was I, and now I have to catch up on school work, or rather, I should.[1] Albert,[2] too, is cramming terribly hard for the final exams!? The day before yesterday we went on a school excursion. We went to Habsburg castle and Vindonissa.[3] What’s the situation with our summer vacation? Do you already have a sailboat?[4] I now have a new teacher, a Mr. Kolb.[5] He’s much younger than my old teacher and everything’s different. I’m now passionately reading Karl May books.[6] They’re very exciting bandit stories. Could you maybe send me one? They’re available at almost any bookstore. I’ve already read quite a few of them but not even a fifth of them all yet. Do you know our new address yet? It is: 3 Büchner St., Oberstraß, Zurich 6. Was it nice in Paris? Write us sometime![7]
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