DOCUMENT 97 MAY 1908 115 [5]"Alte Münze," Münzgraben 6, a restaurant that served no alcohol (alkoholfreies). For ear- lier indications of Einstein's digestive problems shortly after his student days, see Einstein to Alfred Stern, 3 May 1901 (Vol. 1, Doc. 104), and Mileva Marie to Helene Savic, second half of May 1901 (Vol. 1, Doc. 109). [6]Paul Habicht. [7]Einstein-Maric and son Hans Albert were visiting her family in southern Hungary (now Vojvodina, Serbia). [8]Oskar Emil Meyer (1834-1909) Meyer, O.E. 1895, 1899. [9]Falk 1908. [10]Bertha Hausmann-Louis, Einstein's former landlady. [11]Perhaps a reference to Alfred Ross (1831-1916), a bookseller at Waisenhausplatz 22 in Bern (see Adressbuch Bern 1908). In his "Scratch Notebook" (Vol. 3, Appendix A), [p. 25], Einstein makes a reference, later deleted, to "Pfedi" at this address, and Einstein-Maric adds the name to a postcard that she receives from Einstein in 1914 (see Doc. 518, descriptive note). From spring until autumn the Marie family resided in Kac, a village 15 km northeast of Novi Sad. [12]Heinrich Schenk (1872-1938) was Einstein's colleague at the Swiss Patent Office (see Swiss Department of Justice to Swiss Federal Council, 2 June 1902 [Vol. 1, Doc. 140]). [13]Perhaps Friedrich Harms (1876-1946), who was Privatdozent and Assistent in physics at the University of Würzburg and whose work is mentioned in Doc. 101. It probably concerns an experimental determination of the specific charge zf\i of electrons, which could serve as a test of special relativity. See Einstein 1906g (Vol. 2, Doc. 36) for a method devised by Einstein for a related experiment, namely the determination of the ratio of longitudinal and transversal mass for electrons. [14]Perhaps a reference to the planned experiment with ultraviolet light mentioned in Doc. 101. [15]The son Hans Albert. [16]Einstein-Marid's sister Zorka (1883-1938), father Milos (1846-1922), and mother Marija (1847-1935). Perhaps the last two nicknames refer to her cousin Sofija Galid and to her brother Milos (1885-1944), Assistent in the medical school, University of Kolozsvär (now Cluj-Napoca, Romania) (see Trbuhovic-Gjuric 1983, p. 141). 97. From Karl Jaberg[1] Bern, 12/V 08. Herrn Dr Einstein, Priv. Doz. Bern. Geehrter Herr! Würden Sie so gütig sein, auf beiliegender Karte die genaue Adresse bei- zufügen und sie zu spedieren? Ich habe einen Brief Ihrer Schwester verlegt.[2] Zum voraus bestens dankend Mit Hochachtung K. Jaberg. ALS. [44 001]. [1]Jaberg (1877-1958) was Professor of Romance Languages at the University of Bern. [2]Maja Einstein was writing her dissertation under the supervision of Jaberg (see Vol. 1, Biography of Winteler-Einstein, p. 389).
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