474 DOCUMENT 401 MAY 1912 fessorenkollegium der philosophischen Fakultät der k. k. deutschen Universität in Prag, before 21 April 1910, Cz-Ar, MKV/R, No. 101, Einstein Dossier). [4]See Ehrenfest 1959, pp. 1-75, where the dissertation was published for the first time. [5]Ehrenfest 1905. [6]Ehrenfest and Ehrenfest 1907. [7]Ehrenfest 1909. [8]Ehrenfest 1911. [9]Ehrenfest and Ehrenfest 1911. [10]Ehrenfest delivered a lecture on the radiation problem in Prague (see Doc. 381), which was attended by the three members of the commission (see entry of 27 February 1912, Diary "E," NeLR, Ehrenfest Archive, Notebooks, ENB:4-11). During Ehrenfest's visit in late Febru- ary Einstein and a second member of the commission, Anton Lampa, had discussed the pros- pect of Ehrenfest's candidacy with him at length (see Paul Ehrenfest to Tatiana Ehrenfest, 25 and 29 February 1912, NeLR, Ehrenfest Archive, Personal Correspondence, EPC:3, sec. 6). [11]Frank, P. 1908c. [12]Frank, P. 1908b, 1909a. [13]Hermann Rothe (1882-1923) Frank, P. and Rothe 1911. [14]Frank, P. 1907b, 1908f. The publication of the former paper prompted Einstein to write Frank a letter, in which "[h]e approved the logic of my argument, but he objected that it dem- onstrates only that there is a conventional element in the law of causality and not that it is merely a convention or definition" (see Frank, P. 1949b, pp. 10-11). [15]Frank, P. 1907a, 1908a, 1909c, and 1909d. [16]Frank, P. 1908d, 1908e, and 1909b. [17]Frank, P. 1912a. [18]Frank, P. 1912b. [19]The evaluation of Kohl made in connection with his earlier candidacy for the chair (see note 3) cited Kohl's work in electromagnetic theory and geophysical questions, as well as his papers on the propagation of waves in a crystalline medium (Kohl 1903a, 1903b, and Kohl 1906) and on the transverse oscillations of a sphere (Kohl 1902). [20]Kohl 1912. [21]Anton Lampa and Georg Pick. 401. To Wilhelm Wien Prag. 30. V. 1912. Hoch geehrter Herr Kollege! Ich ersuche Sie, die beiliegende Notiz zu einer Bemerkung J. Starks des Grimmigen in die Annalen aufnehmen zu wollen.[1] Mit den besten Grüssen Ihr ganz ergebener A. Einstein. ALSX. [23 561]. [1]In Stark 1912b, a comment to Einstein's paper on photochemical equivalence (Einstein 1912b [Vol. 4, Doc. 2]), Johannes Stark had pointed out that as early as 1908 he had formulated the hypothesis that in photochemical processes light is absorbed according to the quantum hy- pothesis. In his reply, Einstein 1912g (Vol. 4, Doc. 6), which was dated by Einstein and re- ceived by the Annalen der Physik the same day as this letter, Einstein points out that his deri- vation is based on thermodynamics and does not use the quantum hypothesis at all.
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