190 DOCUMENT 162 MAY 1909 Doc. 84, note 1) to an audience of one (see Alfred Kleiner memorandum to II Sect. phil. Fac., University of Zurich, 23 February 1909, SzZSa, U 110 b .2 (44)). [6]The lecture was delivered on 11 February and entitled "Elektrodynamik und Relativi- tätsprinzip" (see Doc. 135, note 2). [7]On 3 March the commission set up by the Philosophical Faculty II, Dean Otto Stoll pre- siding, unanimously recommended that Einstein be nominated for the new professorship in theoretical physics. Of the eleven members of the fifteen-man faculty present, ten voted for the recommendation and one abstained (see the minutes of the meeting of the Philosophical Fac- ulty II, 3 March 1909, SzZU, AA 10:3, and Otto Stoll to Heinrich Ernst, Erziehungsdirektor, Canton of Zurich, 4 March 1909, SzZSa, U 110 b .2 (44)). Two months later the Director of the Department of Education passed the recommendation to the Governing Council (Regierungsrat), which approved Einstein's appointment the follow- ing day (see Heinrich Ernst to Regierungsrat, 6 May 1909, and Aus dem Protokoll des Regie- rungsrates 1909, no. 888, 7 May 1909, both in SzZSa U 110 b .2 (44)). For a description of earlier phases in Einstein's appointment, see Docs. 80, note 5 139, note 4 and 140, note 2. [8]4500 francs, exactly the same as the base salary at the Swiss Patent Office (see Doc. 159, note 2). [9]Wilhelm Wien. See Laub's comments on Wien in Doc. 159. [10]See Doc. 159 for Laub's invitation. [11]Paul Hertz (see Doc. 159). [12]See Doc. 159. [13]Max Abraham was Privatdozent at the University of Göttingen. [14]A reference to Erich Hupka's experiments (see Doc. 159, note 9). [15]In the "Nachtrag" to Einstein 1909b (Vol. 2, Doc. 56) Einstein points out that his paper should not be interpreted as a criticism of Planck's work, but merely as an attempt to clarify and apply the "entropy-probability principle." [16]See Docs. 146, 149, 153, and 163. See also Kox 1993 for an analysis of the relationship between Einstein and Lorentz. [17]See Doc. 163 for a more detailed exposition of Einstein's views. [18]On 21 September of that year Einstein gave a major address on the problem at the 81st meeting of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Naturforscher und Ärzte, probably under the title, "Über die neueren Umwandlungen, welche unsere Anschauungen über die Natur des Lichtes erfahren haben." See Einstein 1909c (Vol. 2, Doc. 60) for a published version (with a different title). [19]See the editorial note, "Einstein's 'Maschinchen' for the Measurement of Small Quan- tities of Electricity," pp. 51-55. 162. From George Searle[1] Wyncote Hills Road Cambridge 20 May 1909 Dear Sir I am sorry that I have so long delayed to write to thank you for sending me-at the request of Dr. Bucherer[2]-a copy of your paper on the principle of relativity.[3] When the paper came to me I was rather tired[4] with my work. Then came a holiday. But as soon as I returned from the holiday I fell ill and have been unwell up to the present time. I am now recovering and hope to be
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