132 DOCUMENT 114 AUGUST 1908 den nächsten Tagen schon soll es fertig werden. Ich will selbst sehen, was es leisten kann, und was an den Gerüchten von der Tücke des Kontaktes Wahres ist. Seien Sie bestens gegrüsst von Ihrem A. Einstein und lassen Sie recht bald wieder was von sich hören. TTrL (SzZE Bibliothek, Hs. 304:53). [15 523]. Transcribed by the recipient. [1]Wilhelm Wien. [2]Perhaps a reference to the planned experiment with ultraviolet light that is mentioned in Doc. 101. [3]The paper is Laub 1908b. See Doc. 102, note 5 for an earlier reference to this paper. [4]Mürren (1636 m) and Isenfluh (1098 m). [5]A position at the University of Zurich (see Doc. 92). [6]Max Seddig (1877-1963) was Privatdozent in physics at the University of Marburg. The paper is Seddig 1908a or 1908b. He had experimentally investigated the temperature depen- dence of Brownian motion and found qualitative agreement with Einstein's theory. See Vol. 2, the editorial note, "Einstein on Brownian Motion," p. 220, for more details. [7]In the previous year Christian Fuchtbauer had published on secondary rays (Füchtbauer 1907). [8]Friedrich Harms. His work is mentioned in Doc. 101. [9]See Doc. 103 for Laub's account of an objection by Wilhelm Wien to the expressions for ponderomotive forces derived by Einstein and Laub. [10]Matthias Cantor. [11]The principle of the equality of action and reaction played a central role in Einstein's and Laub's work on ponderomotive forces (see Einstein and Laub 1908b [Vol. 2, Doc. 52], pp. 547-550). It was also used by Einstein in Einstein 1910c (Vol. 3, Doc. 6), which deals with ponderomotive forces as well (see Doc. 224 for more on that paper and another affirmation of the importance of the reaction principle). [12]Perhaps Rudolf Gasser, whom his brother Adolf Gasser had recommended to Einstein at the beginning of the year (see Doc. 74). See also the editorial note, "Einstein's 'Maschinchen' for the Measurement of Small Quantities of Electricity," pp. 51-55. 114. To Lucien and Jeanne Chavan-Perrin[1] [Murren, 13 August 1908] Herzliche Grüsse aus den Ferien sendet Ihnen die Familie Einstein. AKS (Sz, Archiv der Einstein-Gesellschaft). [72 267]. The postcard is addressed "Herrn L. Chavan & Frau Beundenfeldstr. Bern," and postmarked "Mürren 13.VIII.08.VI." [1]Jeanne Chavan-Perrin (1866-1958).
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