DOCUMENT 272 JULY 1911 305 ALS (Sz, Archiv der Einstein-Gesellschaft). [37 562]. [1]Date provided by the recipient at the foot of the letter: "lettre du 5/6 Juillet 11." [2]Einstein suggested to CHAVAN at the end of March that he would be frank with Ludwig Forrer, Swiss Federal Councillor for Postal Affairs (see Doc. 260) and wrote Heinrich ZANG- GER a week later about CHAVAN'S troubles in the Swiss Telegraph Administration (Doc. 263). CHAVAN'S harassment by a Section Chief in the Technical Department, Karl Schild, is men- tioned in Doe. 263 and alluded to in Doc. 200. [3]Bell Manufacturing Co., a Belgian subsidiary of the American telephone firm, was pro- testing a threat to its monopoly on the installation of telephone exchanges in Switzerland (see Ludwig Forrer memorandum to Bundesrat, 30 October 1911, Sz-Ar, E 52/161). [4]At the end of February 1911 Alois Reding, the Director of the Technical Department, was charged by the Director of the Swiss Telegraph Administration with insubordination (see Lud- wig Forrer memorandum to Bundesrat, 30 October 1911, Sz-Ar, E 52/161). For an earlier neg- ative reference by Einstein to Reding, see Doc. 193. [5]Einstein was Director of the Institute of Theoretical Physics at the German University of Prague. At the beginning of May he requested an annual endowment of 400 crowns for library acquisitions, 300 crowns of which were granted in November 1911 for the year 1912 (see Ge- schäfts-Protokollbuch 1910/11, CzPCU, 9 May 1911, no. 1221, and Geschäfts-Protokollbuch 1911/12, CzPCU, 13 November 1911, no. 413). 272. To Zürcher and Furrer & Co. Prague, 11 July 1911. Einstein explains to the printing firm of Zürcher and Furrer of Zurich that there is no time for him to revise his lecture and turn it into a monograph. He requests that it simply be printed as a lecture. [Vor]trag zu bezeichnen, etwa in der Form: Dasie Relativitätsprinzip- theorie Vortrag des Herrn . . . gehalten in der Sitzung der Züricher naturf. Ge- sellsch am . Januar 1911[1] Ich habe noch einige redaktionelle Verbesserungen angebracht an dem Korrekturbogen,[2] den ich Ihnen mit dieser Karte sende Hochachtungsvoll A. Einstein. Facsimile of AKS (provided by Sotheby's of London). [81 498]. The lot description 392 on p. 205 in the Sotheby auction catalogue (20 November 1990) is the source of the editorial com- ments. [81 493]. [1]The lecture was delivered on 16 January, but was only published at the end of November (see Einstein 1911i [Vol. 3, Doc. 17]). [2]A typescript of the lecture was prepared in the days following the lecture (see Docs. 248 and 249).
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