SUPPLEMENT TO THE EDITORIAL METHOD IN PREVIOUS VOLUMES SELECTION One published writing (Doc. 414) is included in this volume of correspon- dence. It is a statement made by Einstein in a newspaper interview on his rea- sons for leaving the German University of Prague and is best understood in the immediate context of contemporary correspondence. Routine administrative notes and circular letters with a general bureaucrat- ic content initiated or received by Einstein, as well as his postscripts to letters by others that serve merely to extend greetings and have no independent char- acter, are calendared and not presented as texts. ESTABLISHMENT OF TEXTS Most of the original texts for Volume 1 were located in Switzerland and Israel, making it possible for the editors to implement a policy of perfecting all transcriptions against the originals. In this and in future volumes, while we still aim to meet this high standard, we are on occasion forced to resort to the use of good copies. PRESENTATION Documents that have come to the attention of the editors after the publication of the Correspondence volume in which they should have appeared are pre- sented at the front of a subsequent Correspondence volume. An Alphabetical List of Texts is presented in the back matter. References to texts in the Writings series are placed chronologically in the Calendar/Chronology in the back matter of the Correspondence series rather than interspersed in the chronological flow of texts. Where it has not proved possible to redraw adequately an original drawing accompanying a text, it has been scanned in. In this case we have used foot-
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