1 6 8 D O C U M E N T 1 9 2 M A Y 1 9 2 2 on the question, the Second Assembly adopted the following resolution during its session on 21 September 1921: “The Assembly approves the projected resolution presented in the name of the Council by Mr. Léon Bourgeois regarding the nomination by the Council of a Com- mittee responsible for studying international issues of intellectual cooperation this Committee will be composed of at most twelve members and will include women.”[3] In compliance with this resolution, the Council of the League of Nations commissioned[4] me with inviting you to be so kind as to be part of the Committee for Intellectual Cooperation. Similar invitations are likewise being sent out to: Messrs. BANERJEE, D. N., professor of political economy at the University of Calcutta.[5] BERGSON, H., professor of philosophy at the Collège de France. Member [of] the Académie Française.[6] Ms. BONNEVIE, professor of zoology at the University of Christia[nia]. Delegate of the League of Nations Assembly.[7] Mr. DE CASTRO, A., director of the faculty of medicine and of the University of Rio de Janeiro.[8] Mme. CURIE SKLODOWSKA, professor of physics at the University of Paris, hon- orary professor of the University of Warsaw, member of the Academy of Medicine in Paris and of the Scientific Society in Warsaw.[9] Messrs. DESTRÉE, former minister of the sciences and the fine arts. Member of the Royal Academy of Archeology of Belgium.[10] MURRAY, G. A., professor of Greek philology at the University of Oxford, mem- ber of the Council of the British Academy, and delegate of the League of Nations Assembly.[11] DE REYNOLD, G., professor of French literature at the University of Bern.[12] RUFFINI, F., professor of ecclesiastical law at the University of Turin. Former minister of public education, president of the Union of Associations of the League of Nations. Vice-president of the Royal Academy of Turin.[13] DE TORRES QUEVEDO, L., director of the Laboratory of Electromechanics in Madrid, member of the Council for Advanced Studies.[14] The nomination of the 12th member of the Committee has been reserved for the moment.[15] The Council expressed the opinion that the Committee’s 1st session could take place on the 1st of August 1922. You will find as an attachment the report by Mr. Léon Bourgeois envisioned by the Assembly’s resolution, the report presented to the Assembly by Professor
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